October #DailyMWL Prompt List

art by yours truly!

I’m starting a Thing.

I’ve lost a lot of discipline lately–I don’t know where it went!  One day I was working diligently on my story and next moment–poof!  I’m set adrift, unmoored, unanchored, and I’m in the middle of the ocean with absolutely no clue how to get back to shore.

Well, I’m throwing myself a lifeboat.

I’m going to get into the habit of writing every day.  For the simple reason that I don’t have a reason not to.  I want to return to my writing practice.  I don’t know why I’m adrift from it, but that doesn’t matter right now.  What matters is getting back into it, getting back on the horse, so to speak.

The challenge/goal

  • Every day for the month of October, I will post a short piece (maybe 500ish words) inspired by the prompt list
    • Emphasis on I will post.  I’m going to make this exercise completely transparent because even if no one actually reads it, the potential for someone to read it will be enough to hold me accountable
  • Doesn’t have to be good.  Just has to be done
  • I’m going to dedicate a notebook to it and write it by hand (to cut down on the editing-as-I-go that typing allows me to do)

What I’m hoping will happen

  • That I’ll fall back in love with writing for the sake of writing
  • That I’ll have a nice collection of writing pieces I can look back on fondly at the end of the month
  • That following these prompts will help me warm up for working on my WiP.  Fortunately, even if they don’t, I’ll have written something that day
  • That I’ll have fun and come out the end of it feeling productive and fulfilled

Here’s the prompt list I’ll be working from:


Yep, I made my prompt thing into a proper Instagram Thing, because I would love for you to join me.  (Also, I find putting it in this Instagram-y format is oddly inspiring in and of itself?  I mean–the colors, the fonts, the lists, oh my!)

Every day for the month of October, I’ll post my response to the prompt here on MizWriterLady.  If you’re joining in, you can post your response as a comment on my post (as either straight text or with a link to where you posted it elsewhere).  If you share on Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #Oct_DailyMWL and tag me @mizwriterlady so I can see what you wrote! :)

Before you go.  Throw me some words to use for my November prompts!  It’s hard to come up with all of these on my own!


6 thoughts on “October #DailyMWL Prompt List

  1. I’m so excited to read your responses to these prompts! I think this is a great idea to hopefully help you rediscover the joy of writing. I’m curious, how did you choose the words and combinations? DID YOU USE A RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR? (The statistician in me would be over the moon if you did)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re looking forward to reading them. I’m looking forward to writing them! :D

      I have this book called “Master Lists for Writers” by Bryn Donovan, which is where I pulled a lot of the verbs, adjectives, settings, and sounds from. But a lot of the nouns I pulled from a list of “autumn-y things” I’d copied down from Tumblr. I chose the combinations at random, and when I ran out of things, I made up my own. But I like the idea of a random number generator! That would certainly simplify things!

      If you have any suggestions for future word prompts by the way, feel free to comment with them, because it’s surprisingly hard coming up with words? lol


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