From the Mouth of a Medium’s Ghost

Look, this ghost thing?  It sucks, okay?  It means you have to track down a halfway decent medium (if you’re even that lucky!) if you want to get anything done.  And if you’re a ghost, there’s always something to get done.  Nature of the beast, I reckon.  Comes from not being able to do anything for yourself.

So I finally found one.  Almost tripped over her.  She was at this festival, circus, carnival-y thing and I realized, with a burst of laughter that made the beaded curtain rattle, that she was in the psychic’s tent–as the guest.

Getting a medium’s attention is a bitch.  It should be easier, right?  And it is, when they’re switched on.  Usually happens when there’s a lot of candles around.  But getting them switched on in the first place takes a lot of energy, so I’m not all there when the conduit finally opens up.  But this was my last shot and I only had on thing to say, anyway.

The medium sat across from the “psychic,” looking politely interested while the older woman took deep breaths and intoned some shit.  While she hummed, I sat down next to the medium, placed my left hand on her left hand,–she flinched, that’s good–and with a single, massive burst of willpower, I slid sideways into her.

Possessing someone isn’t a barrel of laughs.  IT’s seeing double; it’s psychedelic with the wrong colors.  It’s the allure of a storefront window, warmly lit with memories that aren’t mine on display and my chilled, forgetful soul straining towards them and slamming into the glass.

I anchor myself with one thought, the one I must convey, and right this second because I cannot linger–

From the girl’s mouth, I say, “My name is Ginger Van Holt and I did not kill myself.”

Hello, darlings!

This is the response to October 6, because at the time, I was introducing a paintbrush to the trim in some rooms in my house and had no time to write, so I’m catching up!

October 6’s prompt was: festival / ghost / cows mooing

Something I’ve started noticing is that I don’t use all the words in the prompt sometimes, and that’s totally okay.  For instance, I used festival and ghost in this piece, but forgot to include the detail of the cows mooing.  I think the piece turned out wonderfully, anyway. The point is that I fulfilled my creative quota today and got something down on paper.


I realized the day after the fact, when I was typing this up, that I switched tenses halfway through the piece.

I considered going back and changing it, and then decided I quite liked it, because if the main character’s a ghost, she may not have a firm grasp on time.  Does that make sense?  Or am I just soothing my ego?  (Because I realize that this may conflict with the very “aware” tone of her voice.)

I don’t know, to be honest.  Thoughts?

Overall, I’m very pleased with it!  Especially that last line.


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