Picture Practice


In this picture:

…a textured wall painted a Mediterranean blue

…a picture hung on the wall with a two-inch wide border, gilded and rippled like a starburst, framing a black and white overhead sketch of a bumblebee

…the top of a brown, wooden bookcase

…on the far left, a golden cage that holds a bouquet of soft pink fake feathers

…a geometric vase with the bottom two-thirds painted gold with a texture like the inside of a steel drum, pounded over and over again with a hammer

…a stack of five World Book encyclopedias (G, H, B, and I), spines a muted burgundy, the title gold

…a pair of golden swans, one on top of the encyclopedias, neck arched as if looking down on its partner, which sits on the top of the bookcase below the other, its neck tilted as if in awe or servitude

…over the bottom swan’s shoulder are two long, slender black candles, their bases cylindrical and painted a dark blue-black with silver-gold bowls to catch the wax, one taller than the other

…they rest inside a shallow wooden tray painted a uniform seashell orange pink on the outside, black on the inside

…in the tray next to the candles is a globe, the golden continents glistening against the black seas, Africa facing front

Hey y’all!

Today’s prompt was pancakes / lilies / blue

Today’s response is different because sometimes it takes trying something different to give your creative well time to refill.  For me, it helps to practice basic writing concepts, like noticing and describing details.


I enjoyed this exercise.  Details are the things that make your story pop, so it’s always good to keep that skill sharp.

Tomorrow’s prompt is a free day!

If you’d like to join me and my writing friend, John Mastro, in our 30 Day Restart Challenge as we stretch our muscles before our MFA residency, check out the prompt list here and comment with a link to your response!

Happy writing!


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