Fresh Flowers for the Sting

fresh cut flowers sign hanged on door beside flowers
photo credit Ksenia Makagonova at Unsplash

Honestly, I’m surprised Nan pays me. When the bell over the door chimes, I straighten from grabbing some pixie-charmed fertilizer and slam the crown of my head into the underside of the cabinet I’m rooting around in. Jax chirrups on my shoulder and his talons are points in my skin as he throws his wings out and digs in to hang on. I get myself to my feet and as I straighten, rubbing the spot on my head that pounds in time with my heartbeat, a young man stops at the counter, hands braced, face stormy.

“Yes, sir?” I say. “How can I help?”

“How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ with flowers?”

I drop my hand. “Depends on how much you want to spend.”

He throws his hand in his pocket and it reemerges as a fist clenching several crumpled bills. He counts them swiftly. “Twenty-two bucks. I’ve got change but she’s already taken everything else from me, I might as well hold something back.”

I glance down at the bills he dropped on the counter. “Why not keep the twenty-two dollars for yourself? Why waste more money on her?”

“I’m supporting the local economy,” he says, unoffended. “The only economy she ever supported was the college football team.”

My neck flushes and I come around the counter, Jax still braced on my shoulder. I lead him over to the corner and pull out a single yellow carnation. I hold it out to him. “You disappoint me.”

“Well that’s hardly fair,” he says. “Wouldn’t you prefer I shop local?”

I smile. “It’s what the flower means.”

I had a lot of fun writing this one lol I really liked creating the dialogue and I also wanted to practice magic being really casual (oh, you’ve got a miniature dragon riding on your shoulder? No biggie.) in a modern setting.

Click here for the pin (screencapped from Tumblr) that inspired it! There’s extra info about flower meanings as well

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