Announcement + moving forward

Hello, darlings!

So, this past October, I went into this blog with starry-eyed enthusiasm and a fistful of determination.  I set myself a goal to respond to a self-made prompt every day and stuck to it…for just under two weeks.  My enthusiasm died out and so did my posts and this blog has been a tumbleweed-filled wasteland in the months since.

But I’m back here with you today because I have some news that I believe will change my relationship with this blog and hopefully offer y’all some helpful information in future.

I was accepted into Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction MFA program!


How I feel waiting for my first residency to get here already is similar, I imagine, to how a dog feels with a treat laid across their nose.  Just say I can eat it already!  While I can’t believe it’s May already, I’m ready for it to be over because then it’ll be June and I’ll be on my way to Pennsylvania for my first residency!

There are so many things I’m looking forward to with this program:

  • Meeting new friends who are also writers.  This will be a big thing for me.  If you’re the lone writer in your friend group, you know what I mean!  I’ve already made a friend from my program (check him out here!) and I’m hopeful that similar relationships are to come!
  • Being surrounded by classmates who are not only writers but GENRE writers (have you discovered this weird dichotomy between fiction writers and genre writers?  What even, y’all?)
  • Getting specialized support for what I want to write, i.e. I feel comfortable going to my teachers and asking about how best to represent power dynamics between dragons in my magical world or whether my megalomaniacal boy wizard prince’s tragic backstory is plausible
  • Back to structure!  I was one of those weirdish kids who really enjoyed school.  Not particularly because I enjoyed learning but because I feel balanced and grounded when I have a structured schedule and externally imposed deadlines
  • Deadlines are going to save my procrastinating ass!  I have yet to finish a draft of ANYTHING but I’ve been writing for over a decade now?!  I’m so over it and ready to Get Shit Done.
  • Getting to visit Pennsylvania.  Despite having lived abroad in two different countries in the past two years, I have yet to see anything outside of the American South (other than airports).  So I’m actually giddy about getting to drive through a bit of the Appalachian Mountains and visit a state on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line!

With writing about to become a huge part of my life in a way it’s never been before, I want to use that momentum to grow this blog.

In the months to come, I want it to be a place where I

  • share my writing from in and outside of class
  • update y’all on my writing life (would y’all be interested in daily check ins from residency? or perhaps a summary afterwards? any questions about MFAs in general?  Share your thoughts in the comments!)
  • share some digests of what I’ve already learned about writing and what I’m learning from my program

Some ideas I have for future posts:

  • share writing exercises and story prompts
  • invite fellow writers onto the blog for guest posts
  • critical analyses of books I have read/am reading

I’d like to post at least once a week, possibly every Monday.

I really enjoyed the writing practice I did here last October, posting my response to self-made writing prompts every day.  I’d like to start that up again in order to stretch my writing muscles before my residency begins in June.

Ever onwards, my friends!  See you in the next post!